Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Welcome to Thinking of Drinking

I'm very excited to launch this blog! As an avid cocktail fanatic and the founder of a small distillery, I've been exposed to a wide range of spirits and cocktails (and to much about the spirits and alcoholic beverage industry). I've also been learning about coffee, tea and other beverages over the years, so my intention is to explore a variety of drinks topics through this blog. We'll look at classic cocktail recipes and variations, as well as new recipes and drinks. Sometimes I might write about spirits industry topics, or other fun stuff that I come across.

Although I'm coming at this from a particular viewpoint, my goal is to be objective, informative and fun. I hope you'll enjoy exploring the world of drinks with me!

In my first official post (coming very soon), I'll talk a bit about the bartending course I'm currently taking, and about the US Bartenders Guild (which I am planning to join - the course is a prerequisite). Of course there will be at least one recipe for you to try... See you again soon!


Robert Heugel said...

Wow, nice to see you jumping into the blogging world! I am sure that you will provide a very insightful resource to the growing online cocktail community. It is fun to have a blog to consider and discuss "bartending thoughts" as exploring them through a keyboard helps to see things that aren't as obvious when we're holding a shaker.

Additionally, I think the internet, especially bloggers, is a really untapped source of marketing for smaller companies in the industry. We really are the only group of people creatively reviewing and discussing spirits and cocktails objectively. There are ratings, but no real discussions of any other kind anywhere. I know you're probably not launching this project with this goal, but mostly, I think it is great to see someone from the spirits industry venturing into blogging.

Looking forward to future posts (outside of the second about your course, which was great - keep it up).

~Sonja~ said...

Thanks Robert! I'm excited to write about many more cocktail topics. Your blog has been one of my sources of inspiration, so thank you for that also!