Friday, February 1, 2008

The Ginger Infatuation Continues...

I've recently been tasting lots of ginger beers, and I have a couple more to talk about in an upcoming post. On a related front, I have been looking all over for the Canton ginger liqueur that I've read so many posts about.

Its nowhere to be found in the Chicago area, so I thought I was out of luck on ginger liqueurs until I found this one at the mecca for all esoteric liqueurs in Chicago, Sam's Wine & Spirits in Lincoln Park.

This Creme de Gingembre is made in Alsace by G. E. Massenez. Its clear in color, 20% alcohol by volume, and has a rich, straightforward ginger flavor. Its not as sweet or syrupy as some liqueurs, which was a nice surprise. The ginger flavor is a true ginger, with a bit of spice (but no heat).

For the most part, I've used this one in small quantities or sipped it on its own. Like fresh ginger, a little goes a long way, and it tends to overwhelm other ingredients in a cocktail if too much is used. Here's a drink I'll be serving at an event tonight with it, just for fun:

Tahitian Dream

2 oz Tahitian Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Fresh Tangelo Juice
Splash of Massenez Ginger Liqueur
Dash of Fresh Lime Juice

Pour vodka, juices and liqueur into shaker with ice, shake well. Strain into cocktail glass or champagne flute and garnish with fresh tangelo slice or chunk of candied ginger. (This photo from - having camera troubles today)

The Canton is made with a cognac base, and is infused with other flavors (at least that's what I've read in those other posts), so I imagine its a very different taste experience. Which means I'll have to try that one too once it finally gets here.

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