Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seen in a Bar: 4.17.08

Late one night recently in Louisville, in the 4th Street tourist area, I found myself sitting at the bar with Joe Corley from Germain-Robin. We were trying some bourbons and having a great time. We started looking at the bottles on the bar (looking for something new), and noticed that a whole bunch of the bottles did not have caps. They were on the top shelf with no caps, no pour spouts, nothing. Hmmm... troubling. Luckily we hadn't ordered any of those, and we made sure not to going forward.

Much later, around 4 am when we were (finally) heading back to the hotel, we walked past that bar again. We hoped to see caps on those bottles, but we didn't. Just think about what might be in those bottles (and what has evaporated)... fruit flies, etc.... yuck!

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