Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Black Stuff in a Sippy Cup

My parents are here visiting (and helping us out at the distillery), and they brought this with them. What is it, you ask? Why it's Black Magic from The Netherlands. In a sippy cup.

My parents have a friend/neighbor who is Dutch, and she had recently been home and brought a bottle of this stuff back with her. Unlike me, my parents aren't big drinkers, so they were excited to bring us this stuff that sounded interesting. They couldn't talk the neighbor into borrowing the bottle, so they poured some into this cup (not sure where they got the cup) and drove here to Chicago from Denver with it.

The story that came with it was that it was like absinthe, only black in color. It's not, really, except for having a strong licorice taste. According to my handy website translator, it's actual name is Drop Shot, it's 20% alcohol and its intended for the "party people." It literally tastes like black jelly beans. Very sweet, very black licorice. That's about it. And they recommend it be served with cola, or in a layered shot with Sambuca. Oh my.

Anyone else ever encountered this stuff?


Dr. Bamboo said...

How can you go wrong with anything intended for the "party people"?? ;-)

Let us know if you find out anything more about this mystery drink!

~Sonja~ said...

I certainly will, although until I learn Dutch I'm afraid I may not be able to get more info anytime soon!

Mepiti said...

I'm a dutchie and all I can say is that you shouldn't mix it.. drink it as a shot, that's how I do it. I love it.