Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tales of the Cocktail - Days 1 and 2

We're officially in the thick of it here in NOLA for the Tales of the Cocktail. Yesterday, I went to some great industry-focused seminars - one on managing costs in a bar while maintaining quality, and another on building strong partnerships among bar/restaurant owners, brand representatives, consultants and others in the industry. They were educational, more for when I have my distillery hat on, than for when I'm writing about cocktails, so I'll keep that stuff to myself for now.

Then we had the big opening reception last night. I saw a few more Chicago friends, as well as some folks from other places, and had a great time trying the cocktails and enjoying the atmosphere. Later, I headed back over to the "Mixo House Bar" to hang out for awhile.

Today I've been to a few seminars, and have written a few posts for the Tales Blog - you can find all my posts here. There will soon be one explaining these pictures.

Tonight it's the Spirited Dinners, and I'm headed to Maximo's. I waited too long to book a seat, so I didn't get into my first two choices, but I'm excited about this one too. I'll report back soon.

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