Monday, August 10, 2009

Mixology Monday: Vodka, Vodka, Vodka

After a brief break (for Tales of the Cocktail), MxMo is upon us again. Our hostess Amelia over at Felicia's Speakeasy has chosen "Vodka is Your Friend" as the topic for this month. She posed some questions along the way, such as "what do YOU like about vodka? Why do you keep that bottle of [brand] on your shelf? What vodka-based drink has stayed in your personal book of beloved cocktails? ‘Fess up."

Vodka Still Rules
Despite what many of my cocktail-loving friends wish was the case, vodka is still the most popular spirit in the US. I spend lots of time in liquor stores, bars and restaurants, talking to people about spirits, and vodka is undoubtedly still at the top. Many, many people are afraid of gin, whisk(e)y and other categories, and unfortunately many people out there like a sweet cocktail where you can't really taste the liquor. So whether we like it or not, vodka ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon.

I Like Vodka
There, I said it. We make vodka (and it's really good, if I do say so myself). When I have it, it's usually over ice with a lime wedge or twist of lemon. I'm a simple girl when it comes to vodka. Sometimes I order a vodka-based cocktail too, but that's usually only if it's made with our vodka. And sometimes I make cocktails with our vodka, usually for an event, or cocktail pairing dinner.

Here's a cocktail we served last week at an event (more on the event later), and have been enjoying ever since our garden cucumbers and herbs started growing en masse.

Cucumber Caipiroska
Inspired by a recipe by one of my friends and mentors, Bridget Albert in her book Market Fresh Mixology

2 oz Vodka (used North Shore, no surprise there)
3/4 oz Simple Syrup (1:1)
4-5 lime wedges
4 cucumber wheels
2 sprigs Oregano

Muddle lime, 3 cucumber wheels, one sprig of oregano and syrup. Add vodka, then add ice and shake with ice. Pour shaker contents into glass, garnish with remaining cucumber wheel and sprig.

FYI, for any who might not know - a Caipiroska is simply a Caipirinha made with vodka rather than cacha├ža.

Enjoy! Happy MxMo and thanks to Amelia for hosting!


Who is Felicia? said...

This drink is amazing! Thanks for participating. I will be posting the MxMo round up tonight or tomorrow at


Michael. said...

I hate to leave a comment completely unrelated to the actual post, but I'm dying to know how the other Miclo liqueurs are - there's one post on the creme de violette from 2007 and that's it. The different flavors all sound really exciting and I'm interested in trying them, but I want to know if they're worth the cost plus shipping. Reviews of the stuff are incredibly hard to come by and I was hoping that you had already tried them and could give me your thoughts.

~Sonja~ said...

Hi Michael, I'm afraid I've only had one of the others - the raspberry liqueur. It was very good, but I have others I use more often because they are easier to find. I will ask around, I know a few people who know them better.

Vodka Dave said...

Cucumber Caipiroska sounds like one hell of a Vodka drink! I think I am going to put this mixed drink to the test. Interesting