Friday, February 13, 2009

A Taste of Rum Jumbie

We didn't see much that was new to us in terms of drinks on our recent trip to Florida. Initially, we were surprised to see only one bottle of absinthe the entire time we was there, given how prevalent it has become elsewhere in the country. After seeing what people are drinking in Key West, however, I'm not really surprised.

The only bottle that was new to us was Rum Jumbie. According to their website, it is/was available in Chicago, but we've never seen it and I could not find it on the website they suggested was selling it online. Other things are out of date on the website (links don't work, latest news is from 2005, etc.), so things might not be going so well for Rum Jumbie in the US these days.

At any rate, it was new to us, so I asked to try it. It tastes quit ea bit like Hawaiian Punch, something I had entirely too much of as a kid, with orange notes. Although the Ministry of Rum's website indicates that it is bottled at 40% alcohol, ours definitely wasn't - I'm pretty sure it was 20%, but I didn't write it down and can't remember for sure.

The friendly poolside bartender advised that he uses it in tropical drinks sometimes, although he couldn't remember a time he'd used it recently. Tropical drinks are probably the right category for it, given that it comes from St. Maarten and has a rum base. Anyone else tried this and/or have a recommendation for drinking it?


Anonymous said...

I had picked up a bottle of this last year in St. Martin while on a cruise. I wish I had bought more because I thought it was very good (not like Hawaiian Punch at all) and as you state is not something that can be easliy found. The bottle I have shows the alcohol content to be 30% Paul L.

sabrina said...

My boyfriend and I really liked this he bought it on a cruise. We recently tried to purchase it while on our cruise(we have one bottle left)but were dissapointed we couldn't find it anywhere. I recommend just coke,ice and a generous dose of jumbie! Taste almost like vacation,almost.