Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time Behind (the) Bars

A mixologist friend of mine asked me for a favor. Kind of a big favor, and not one she could ask any of our bartender friends because of the timing. She asked me to cover a couple of shifts for her on Valentine's Day weekend. She has an important family event to go to that had to be moved up on the calendar, but it's a big weekend in the restaurant business and everyone we know will be working. So, with some trepidation, I said I'd do it. I've never been professionally behind the bar before, although I've made thousands of drinks at home, at parties and at events.

So far, I've spent one night behind the bar, trying to learn the computer system, the menu and the basics of where everything is kept, and I have one more training session tonight. The restaurant has a very nice wine list and food menu, but I was surprised at just how much wine by the glass was ordered compared to other drink options. Most of the cocktails were very simple ones - scotch on the rocks, vodka tonic, etc. - only a couple of the specialty cocktails were ordered all night, despite the nice list.

I'm figuring it'll be a lot of wine & champagne this weekend, like it was the other Friday night I was there, but who knows? Tonight, my final night of training, is half price martini night, so at least I'll get to shake some cocktails. Last time, the only thing I shook was a Negroni (that wasn't really a Negroni, since it had dry vermouth not sweet and grapefruit juice added).

I've got my fingers crossed for a smooth weekend behind the bar - wish me luck!


erik_flannestad said...

Wow, best of luck, Sonja! Starting on Valentine's day is certainly jumping in with both feet!

~Sonja~ said...

Thanks Erik! I did get in some practice time tonight, and I will again tomorrow night, before the chaos of Saturday hits. They have a LOT of reservations (a good problem for them), so I am sure Saturday will be tough, but I'll have two other bartenders with me, thankfully.

YellowZeppelin said...

I'm looking forward to your post about how it all worked out. Hope it went well!