Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Cocktail Ideas, Part II

With the change of seasons, favorite cocktails change as well. Here are a couple that feel like Autumn to me. These both were developed for the Fall Flavor Festival that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Pomegranate Punch (aka the Fall Fizz)
1½ oz Vodka (I used North Shore, of course)
½ oz Brandy (used Paul Masson Grande Amber)
2½ oz Pomegranate Juice (POM)
½ oz Fresh Orange Juice (used Cara Cara oranges)
½ oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice (yellow grapefruit, not red)
½ oz Ginger Simple Syrup (1:1)
1 oz Club Soda
Combine first six ingredients over ice, stir well. Top with soda and garnish with fresh orange slice.

This one works great as a punch, you can simply change the oz to cups and have servings for 6 people. It's great for football tailgating, you can just mix in the soda right before serving, top the glasses at the event with it, or just leave it out entirely.

Fall of Brazil
My partner in crime, Jessi Brickner, developed this one - it's delicious
1½ oz Cacha├ža (Leblon)
½ oz Vanilla Liqueur (Navan)
1 Egg White
Sparkling Apple Cider
Lime Wedge
Rim a rocks glass with cinnamon sugar, fill with ice. Shake first three ingredients, plus lime wedge, with ice. Strain into ice-filled glass and top with cider.

When we served this one en masse to our class, I stirred the first three ingredients with a whisk first to emulsify the egg, then poured the mixture into a shaker. It worked really well. This was a great one for introducing people to egg whites in drinks.